FAQ: Getting Started

If you can’t find your answer here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How large are the groups?

We cater to maximum group bookings of 8, and a minimum group booking of 4. In order to to keep guest staying in single occupancy rooms the group size would have to be  a maximum of 6 people.

We also cater for larger groups on a bespoke basis and have experience of taking groups of up to 15 travellers.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes. We strongly recommend travel insurance as it is not covered in the tour price. In the event of a medical emergency, lost baggage or if you need to cancel your trip you will be thankful that you had thought to book yourself adequate insurance cover.

Do you cater to specific dietary requirements?

We cater for all dietary requirements and ask guests to let us know their preferences prior to departure. Your villa host will ensure all breakfast, post ride and evening meals prepared by our chef will cater to your dietary needs.

Will there be time to relax?

We pride ourselves on surrounding guests in total luxury when they are off the bike. After every ride you will have the afternoon at your own disposal. For more information on where you will be staying please visit the Accommodation page on our website.

Will I need to take my own bike?

Guests are more than welcome to bring their own bikes. In order to facilitate this, we supply bike boxes for a small additional fee and for those who don’t wish to travel with their bike, we partner with a courier company who assist in transferring your equipment from A to B for an exclusive Velusso discounted rate. Please simply select the relevant option in the booking process if you require either of these.

We ask that an individuals’ bike is serviced before each trip, to prevent disappointment of mechanical issues during your stay, however we’ll have a mechanic on hand if you do run into difficulty.

Alternatively, we can also provide top level bikes when you arrive. Make and model depend on travel destination.

What type of cyclist will enjoy a Velusso experience?

If you enjoy cycling and get out on your bike at the weekends then you’ll love a Velusso experience. Perhaps you’ve entered a cyclosportive and follow a basic training plan? The Velusso experience will be something new. This is an opportunity for everyone to further their cycling knowledge and enjoy some great riding, while interacting with a professional cyclist.

If the range of fitness level and ability differs in one group, we will make suitable arrangements and may recommend specific trips. We simply ask you to assess your own capabilities by taking a look at the ride itinerary on our website before booking and specify whether you’d like the routes to be made more or less challenging. Each ride itinerary can be tailored to suit the preferences within a group.

Our rides are designed to allow riders to push their individual limits at certain times. An example of a route we use includes an easy flat start, followed by a 20 minute climb where riders will naturally split up before regrouping at the top (probably in a café). We use these kind of intervals to capture insightful ride data, which allows our professional cyclist the opportunity to provide useful analysis and coaching when we’re back at the villa. The remainder of the ride will depend on the type of route and terrain, however we encourage an endurance focussed pace which is enjoyable.